Mafugie Walks

Mafugie Walks

Mafugie Ceesay, 5 years old, was born with a clubfoot. Because no treatment for this condition is available in The Gambia, Mafugie’s only hope was to find help elsewhere. With the support of Reason2Hope, Mafugie and his mother, Fatou Sannah, left their family, their village, and their country for the first time to reach and board the Africa Mercy Ship – an all-volunteer hospital ship docked off the coast of Conakry, Guinea.

A charming, bright and energetic boy, Mafugie wished he could attend school, run and play like the other children in his village. Unfortunately, his right foot turned 90 degrees inward, forcing him to balance on the outside of his heel to get around. Walking was awkward, running was impossible, and Mafugie’s foot caused him a great deal of pain. He often needed to be carried.

Sophisticated surgery was the only answer, but it wasn’t available in The Gambia. Through the efforts of Reason2Hope founder, Mary Van Kampen, arrangements for Mafugie’s treatment, travel and accommodations were secured in early 2012.

The decision to pursue medical care was a leap of faith for the Ceesay family, who only knew village life and its language. With faith in God and her husband’s support, Fatou found the courage to travel to Conakry, Guinea, where Mafugie underwent surgery and six months of treatment on board the Africa Mercy Ship.

Today, Mafugie is back home after a successful surgery, several leg castings and physical therapy. No longer on the sidelines, he loves his newfound freedom to play with friends and attend school. Grateful for his progress, Fatou reminds him to keep up his daily exercises and eat nutritious meals to remain healthy and strong.

This incredible project was possible because of donors like you. We are especially grateful to the following people, who worked with us from three continents to give Mafugie mobility: Sulayman Sanyang, Victoria Blakey, Bakary Sanyang, Headmaster Sanyang, Bekai Konteh, Sheriffo Tamba, Dr. Haydon, Laura, Nate and Melinda from Africa Mercy Ship.


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