Journey to Burong, Part 2

Journey to Burong, Part 2

We arrive at the shore of Miserat. Dang. There is more mud here than at Bintang. I am thankful I did not choose to wear a skirt. I am curious how the other women will manage, but I am chosen first off the boat. Lucky me. No time for curiosity or hesitation. This time I am able to climb up, over and drop with both feet. The mud is caked dry in some places so I aim for those. I can see crabs scurrying in and out of small, wet holes and silently vow to avoid all small holes. I am sweating and my mouth is dry. I need water.

Once all the bags and people have successfully disembarked, we immediately seek shade and water. There is no transportation in sight, so after a bit of bread and lots of water, we start walking along the road. This road has never felt the tires of a car – only the wheels of a donkey cart or bicycle, the hooves of animals or the soles of leather and bare feet. Somehow, it is dry and dusty in places and wet with gooey, dark mud in other places. I think I will never feel cool or quenched again.

The faces of children start appearing in my mind as we walk. This is an important day and I have to gather my thoughts. A shout goes out from Sulay who spots our ride approaching us. Suddenly, he proclaims “ Another spectacular moment!” – and the donkey cart cometh. Hallelujah!

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