The Gambia

Map of Gambia

The Western Coast of Africa…

The Gambia, known as the Smiling Coast, is the smallest country on mainland Africa and one of the least developed. It stretches inland from the Atlantic coast along both sides of The Gambia River. The central Gambia River region provides diverse ecosystems while the capital Banjul and Serekunda regions provide beaches. The official language is English and used in schools and public offices. Mandingo is spoken by 38% of the population, with Fula, Wolof, Jola and several other tribal languages following.

Unemployment rates remain high. About 75% of the population depend on crops and livestock for their livelihood. There is small-scale processing of groundnuts, fish, raw cotton and animal hides which are exported.

The educational systems takes place in 5 stages: lower basic (6 years), upper basic (3 years), and secondary school; similar to primary, middle school and high school. To graduate from high school students will sit for their West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination. After that, students can choose The Gambia College, The University of the Gambia, or Gambian Technical Training Institute.

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